Quiche – build your own

Gluten free quiche

A classic 9″ egg and cheese based quiche you can customize to your taste.  Starting price with just egg and cheese is $30 with customizable options and a little additional charge.


Ingredients: Crust– Blend gluten free flour (sweet rice flour, whole grain brown rice flour, potato starch, whole grain sweet sorghum flour, tapioca flour, xanthan gum), butter, shortening, granulated sugar, salt. Base Filling– eggs, shredded cheese (monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, queso quesadilla, asadero cheese ((pasterized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes, annatto)) potato starch and powdered cellulose added to prevent caking, natamycin (a natural mold inhibitor), heavy cream, salt, pepper

Contains: Dairy, Eggs


Quiche Add-ons are priced below

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