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Dearest Friend

Changing the way people see and taste gluten free has been my (Nece’s) mission from the start. After battling through my own journey to freedom, I felt empowered to bring others with me.

Now 13 years into a gluten free lifestyle, this mom of three boys and one girl had decided enough is enough.  It is time for gluten free to change from tasteless and expensive to affordable and delicious!  I’ve been working together with my husband and family of taste testers to redefine what it means to be gluten free.

As a busy family on the go, having options that everyone can share and enjoy is a must!  I know they felt my pain at not being able to celebrate because of my dietary restrictions, and I didn’t want them to suffer too.  There had to be a solution and, out of that idea, Nece’s GF was born: a revolutionary concept where there is no need to fear cross contamination or flavorless versions of gluten-containing counterparts.  This will be a place to revisit memories of hot, fresh baked heaven from childhood; to rediscover the old and find new favorites. 

3 gluten free cupcakes

Nece’s is a place for sharing recipes and our own stories of struggle and victory, between friends, while goodies are purchased. It’s my dream to bring a home for the gluten free community here on the Monterey Peninsula.

Since its inception and through many years of tedious mixing, sampling and mistakes, Nece’s has been dedicated to bringing products that are flavorful, incorporating the freshest and best ingredients on the market with a mission to remain completely free of contamination and compromise.  It is our calling to impact our community through connection with our customers and relationships with other local businesses to provide the best gluten free baked goods anywhere, right here on the peninsula.  We bake all our products fresh to order and with lots of love!

As I close, I want to let you know that I am grateful to share my story with you. I encourage you to share your story or even a recipe or two on our Facebook community page. I will do my best to personally respond to any questions you might have. And lastly.... Welcome HOME!
Sharque Starr
With Love and Blessings,
Sharque ( Nece) Starr
Founder and Baker

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